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Helping Millions of People Solve Their Technology Troubles

Technology has come very far in recent years, especially in terms of accessibility and being easy for everyone to use. But sometimes, it still feels like you need a degree in computer science to stop Netflix from lagging or to figure out how to setup your new router.

Our goal is to help 10 million people solve their tech problems every single month by offering clear, concise, and easy-to-follow answers, recommendations instructions, and guides to whatever you’re looking for.


Helping you solve the most frustrating tech problems with easy to understand instructions to will help you identify what’s wrong, and how to fix it.


Not all tech is created equal. We’ll help point you towards the best products for your needs, while also warning you against the worst ones.


Our innovate step-by-step guides empower our readers to take control of technology and to use it to enrich their lives, instead of being afraid of it.


We’re also looking for new contributors to help build this resource. Is there something you’ve figured out and want to share? Let us know!