RSS Cloud is a website about cloud technology. What type of product or service do you need? Which are the best? How do they work? What about the nitty gritty details? You’ll find it all here.

Our Mission Statement

RSS Cloud exists for one reason: to bring the insights of a professional working in the cloud industry to the less-initiated general public in plain language.

It’s hard enough to understand this technology even without all of the industry jargon and technical terminology. My goal is to present the information in a way that makes it as easy to understand as possible, something other websites have seemed to not worry about.

The Author

Benjamin Crawford was like any other person. He was carrying on with his life, using the internet, building websites, learning more about computer and networking technology, when suddenly a revolution came along. He knew he had to have a hand in it.

This revolution was the advent of the cloud and what it meant to everything he held so dear. Soon he had pivoted in his professional life and now performs the same Information Technology (IT) tasks he always did but with a mastery over the cloud.

His friends and family constantly ask him what it is he does and how the cloud works. That constant barrage of acting like he was some kind of wizard led to the idea of creating RSS Cloud. And here we are today.

The Content

The articles on this site are a labor of love. Benjamin simply finishes what he starts, even when the going gets tough. Among this content you will find the three main pieces:

This is the meat of what most people who visit this site have come to see. They don’t care about the details. They just need a trusted opinion to help them choose which company’s product to use so they can get back to their own life and work. I totally understand and that’s why I’ve placed these articles prominently throughout the site.

Everything other article is a deeper dive into one of those three topics above for those that do want to know more. Any question you could possibly have will have been covered or is in progress as you read this. If you would like to suggest any topic, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best.