RSS Cloud partakes in several affiliate programs and one advertising network. These allow the site to earn an income by referring interested readers to companies may or may not purchase their products. This is performed through what are known as “affiliate links” and through display ads.

Advertising, Affiliate, & Privacy

Below is a list of pertinent information about our advertising partners, display ad networks, other technologies used, and our relation to the internet at large.


The display ad network and our affiliate partners use cookies to track referrals from RSS Cloud in order to attribute sales to our accounts. Cookies are tiny pieces of code used by your browser to help it remember your past activities, such as auto-logging you into your social media accounts as an example. The cookies allowed on RSS Cloud are not allowed to contain or deploy anything harmful to your browser or computer. They all come from the reputable companies we work with and discuss on the site. You may delete your cookies at any time through the settings in your browser.


The majority of links contained in the content of RSS Cloud simply lead to another page on this website. However, some lead to the websites controlled by cloud technology companies. These are all clearly labeled as such. Any link placed in our content was personally visited by the author and confirmed to be safe and appropriate. We don’t control these other sites, though, and they can change at any time. If you see anything strange, please contact us and we will fix it immediately. No hyperlinks are sold for the purpose of search engine manipulation. Any link leading to an advertising partner uses the “nofollow” tag, as suggested by Google.

Google Adsense

We use Google Adsense exclusively as our display advertising network. We allow them to use their DoubleClick cookie to serve ads based on your interests as determined by Google based on previous family-friendly websites you’ve visited in the past. You can opt-out of interest-based ads at any time by visiting Google’s Ad Settings page. RSS Cloud does not control these settings.

Affiliate Programs

RSS Cloud receives commissions on some sales referred through our content. These potential earnings do not influence our choice of products suggested to our readers. These programs work either through cookies or through URL parameters. Neither have any negative effect to your experience or computer and are standard internet technologies employed on every nearly website. You will recognize links to our partners because they all take the following form in our Articles, whether in a text link or image link:


Target Demographic

RSS Cloud is not directed to children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly, nor allow our advertising partners, to collect person information from individuals under the age of 13. If you are not yet of the age of 13 or higher, you are not allowed to use our website or send any information to us, period.