Advertising, Affiliate, & Privacy

Real Simple Solutions rarely – if ever – participates in any affiliate programs, and if we ever do, we will clearly disclose it. This means that sometimes when we mention a product (only when clearly stated), that we would receive a commission for referring purchases. When done ethically, this is a win-win because it’s a product we’re already talking about, and it’s something you actually want or need. When done unethically, this type of arrangement can influence editorial decisions or lead to misleading advice or guidance, which is not a practice we partake in. If we ever participate in an affiliate program, it’s because the product is either essential for one of our guides, or something that’s a legitimate recommendation.

We fund this site primarily through display ads (The banners you’ll find on many pages on this site).

Below is a list of pertinent information about our advertising partners, display ad networks, other technologies used, and our relation to the internet at large.


The display ad networks and our potential affiliate partners may use cookies on Real Simple Solutions in order to track their sales. Cookies are tiny pieces of code used by your browser to help it remember your past activities, such as settings or options you’ve selected, or to keep you logged-in on a site (We don’t have any member-accounts here, so that’s not relevant to this site, it’s just an example of how cookies are used).

We only use reputable, mainstream advertising networks such as Google’s AdSense, which is found on the vast majority of websites on the internet.

You can delete your cookies at any time through the settings in your browser without any negative impact on your user-experience or the performance of this site.


The majority of hyperlinks contained within the content of Real Simple Solutions lead to another page on this website. However, some point to other websites, often for the purpose of providing additional context or information to go more in-depth than our guide covers. Any link placed in our content was visited by the authors and editors and confirmed to be safe and appropriate. We don’t control these other sites, though, and they may change, so if you follow a link from our site and notice anything strange, please let us know so that we can correct it immediately.

Google Adsense

We currently use Google Adsense exclusively as our display advertising network. We allow them to use their DoubleClick cookie to serve ads based on your interests as determined by Google based on previous family-friendly websites you’ve visited in the past.

We encourage you to explore the various settings and options that exist within your browser in order to find a balance of privacy and customization that you’re comfortable with. You can, for instance, disable cookies in your browser to reduce tracking, however you’ll have issues in regards to logging into sites, saving your settings, and other potential issues. Once again, disabling cookies shouldn’t have any negative impact on the performance of Real Simple Solutions at RSSCloud.org.

User Information

RSS Cloud is not directed to children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly, nor allow our advertising partners, to collect information from individuals under the age of 13. If you are not yet of the age of 13 or above, you are unfortunately not allowed to use our website or send any information to us.

We do not allow users to create accounts.

We do not currently have comment sections.

We do not solicit submissions from readers, aside from maintaining a contact form where visitors can contact us, as is standard on nearly every website on the internet.

To keep it Simple, we need to keep the lights on so that we can reach our goal of helping 10 million people fix their tech problems, but we always aim to go beyond the industry standard in regards to being upfront and transparent. We’re okay with earning less money if it means earning more trust.