How To Reset a LG TV Without Remote: EASY GUIDE

Resetting an LG TV can help solve a lot of different issues and problems that you might be experiencing. It’s one of the best ways to start troubleshooting a TV. But sometimes, it’s easier said than done, especially if you’re missing your remote. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll talk about how to factory reset an LG TV without a remote, and how to do a power cycle/soft-reset, too. Both of these options can fix different issues, so it’s worth trying both. Start with the power-cycle, since it’s faster and easier and sometimes, it gets the job done. If that doesn’t work, move on to the section of this article that covers how to do an LG factory reset without remote.

The way we like to structure our how-to’s and guides is that we want to start with the things that are most likely to solve the problem you’re having, that also are the easiest to troubleshoot/fix. So, with that in mind, let’s start with a power-cycle for your LG TV.

Reset An LG TV Without a Remote: Soft-Reset

Here are some of the issues that can be solved when you soft reset your LG TV:

    • Screen is frozen or not responding
    • Audio issues
    • WiFi or ethernet connection issues
    • TV menus are slow/sluggish
    • Problems with picture quality
    • Input issues (HDMI, etc)
    • Remote not working correctly…
    • and more!

A soft-reset is essentially just turning off your TV, disconnecting it from any power sources, and giving it a few moments to chill out. Even your TV needs a little “me-time” every now and then. Here’s how to soft reset an LG TV without a remote.

  1. POWER OFF your TV by pressing the power button on the TV itself.
  2. UNPLUG your TV from the wall outlet or surge protector that it uses to receive power.
  3. WAIT a few minutes.
  4. PRESS the power button on and off a few times. The TV shouldn’t turn on, that’s okay, we’re just trying to release any stored electricity from inside the TV.
  5. WAIT a while longer. 5-10 minutes should be plenty, but if you can go off and do something else for a bit, that can help incrementally, possibly.
  6. PLUG your TV back into it’s electrical source using its power cable.
  7. POWER ON your TV.

Your LG TV has now been reset without using a remote. Keep in mind this is just a soft-reset, not a full factory-reset, so if this didn’t work to solve whatever issue you were having, let’s move on to the next section where we’ll do a factory reset of an LG TV without using a remote control.

LG Factory Reset Without Remote

Here are some of the issues that can be solved when you factory reset your LG TV:

    • Software glitches
    • Conflicts with your TV’s settings
    • Performance issues
    • … and more!

It’s one thing to have your remote handy when you need to reset your TV, but if you are missing your remote, can’t find it, or it’s faulty – don’t worry – we’re going to show you how to reset an LG TV without a remote control right now.

  1. LOCATE the buttons that control your television on the TV set itself. Since you don’t have a remote, we’re going to use the buttons that are on the actual TV. They’re usually on the back panel of the TV, the side panel, or sometimes accessible from the front.
  2. POWER OFF your TV using the power button once you’ve located the control buttons.
  3. UNPLUG the TV from it’s electrical source (this seems similar to the previous set of instructions, but it’s a different process before we reach the end!)
  4. PRESS AND HOLD the power button for TEN SECONDS.
  5. KEEP HOLDING the power button, and now plug the TV back in. You might need a second set of hands to help with this!
  6. After about TEN SECONDS, you’ll see a different start-up screen with an LG logo.
  7. FOLLOW the on-screen instructions and your TV should guide you through the factory reset process.

NOTE: On some models, you may also be able to access the factory reset feature on LG TV by going into the menus (press the menu button on the TV), and looking for the option to factory reset. If the above steps don’t work, take a look in the TV’s menus and you should be okay. It’s not always easy to navigate the menus without a remote, so we present the aforementioned method instead.

Warning BEFORE Resetting Your LG TV Without a Remote

There’s no harm in trying a soft reset (the first instructions near the top of this page) because it’s basically just a fancy and effective way of turning your TV on and off. However, doing a factory reset without a remote on your LG TV will erase any settings, storage, options, downloads, and anything else on the TV. It’s like starting over from scratch, like the first day you bought the TV. Just keep this in mind! But if your TV isn’t working anyways, what’s there to lose?

Final Thoughts on How To Reset a LG TV Without Remote

It’s important to remember that there are two different types of “resets” for a TV. There’s a power cycle, also known as a soft reset, which is turning the TV off and emptying out any stored electricity in it, then starting it up again. surprisingly enough ,this can fix a lot of different issues.

But when a soft reset doesn’t work, it’s time to try a factory reset. Between these two ways to reset an LG TV, this should fix most of the issues you’ll encounter, unless there’s actual damage to the hardware of the TV or another issue. Generally speaking, a reset or a firmware update should take care of most things unless something is actually broken or damaged. Good luck resetting your LG TV without a remote – it can be a bit trickier than if you have a remote handy, but we make due with what we’ve got, right?

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