Hulu Sound Not Working? Here’s My Quick Fix!

A common issue that people experience with their Hulu app is that they’ll turn on their show or movie, only to realize that the Hulu sound is not working.

If this has happened to you, our goal is to get your Hulu and your sound back up and running as quickly as possible without wasting your time on a bunch of stuff that’s irrelevant.

Chances are, it’s going to be a very quick fix when you’re dealing with Hulu sound not working.

Common problems with Hulu audio include:

  • No audio on Hulu
  • Hulu has distorted audio
  • Audio/video are out of sync on Hulu
  • Hulu volume is too high, or too low

Is it your first time here? We organize our guides so that the most common solutions are closer to the top, in order to help as many people as possible get back to enjoying their free time instead of having to wrestle with unruly technology.

But if the first couple of things don’t fix the problem for you, don’t get discouraged. We’ve curated the web, drawn from our own experiences, and done additional research on how to fix this issue and we’ll give you plenty of things to try.

We don’t want you to leave this page until your sound is working with Hulu, so let’s get right into it.

Making Sure the Problem is Hulu

Before you go any further, check if your TV’s sound is working with other apps or programming. If you have cable TV, or even a local channel or two, flip over to that and see if you’ve got sound. If so, then we’ve already isolated that the problem is unique to your Hulu app itself.

If you don’t have sound at all, even if you toss in a DVD or flip to your cable or satellite TV, or open up another app, then the problem isn’t exclusive to Hulu. You’ll want to look at your TV’s audio output settings, or your audio receiver, or it’s possible that your TV’s speakers are just not functional anymore and you’ll need to get external speakers.

No Sound on Hulu? Try This First…

no sound on hulu

If you do have sound with other apps and programs, and it’s JUST Hulu where you can’t hear sound, keep reading and we’ll get to the bottom of this.

The first thing to do is to check your audio settings.

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu in Hulu or your TV/device.
  2. Ensure that “Stereo” or “Normal” is selected.
  3. The exact way to find your audio input/output settings will vary by app/device, but look for something close to what’s described above.

If you’re on a mobile device using the Hulu app, use your volume button to ensure that it’s at an adequate level. This sounds like a super obvious thing, right? Sometimes, we forget the basics, and that’s okay.

But if this didn’t work, move on to the next idea. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of things that we can try in order to fix the sound on Hulu, and we won’t give up until it’s working!

Check Your HDMI Cable if Hulu Audio Isn’t Working

Hulu Audio Isnt Working

If your audio isn’t working, or it’s not working correctly while you try to stream to Hulu, don’t fret – here’s another thing you can try.

If you’re streaming the Hulu app from a device like a Roku, Apple TV, etc, then it’s possible that there’s a problem with the HDMI cable that you’re using to connect the device to the TV. HDMI cables can carry digital audio and video signals, and it’s possible that a cable can just stop working over time. It’s not super common, but it happens often enough that it’s worth investigating.

If you have a spare HDMI cable, try that first. Replace the cable that’s connecting your Hulu device to your TV with a different HDMI cable and see if the problem is fixed.

You can also try reversing your HDMI cable by taking the end that’s plugged into your TV and plugging that into the device, and taking the end of the HDMI cable from your device and plugging it into the TV.

If you have another TV, you can try connecting your streaming device to the second TV and seeing if you’re still having audio issues in Hulu.

If you do something with the HDMI cable as outlined above, and it starts working, then you’ve found the problem!

Replace the faulty HDMI cable, and dispose of it so that you don’t have to go through this troubleshooting in the future if you ever accidentally use the broken cable. It’s not worth keeping a faulty cable around, especially when they’re very affordable to replace.

Check If Your External Speakers Are Causing Hulu Audio Problems

hulu speakers not working

If you’re using external speakers that are connected to your TV or your device, it’s worth troubleshooting them, too. Open up your browser (if you’re on a device like a phone or a tablet, or a computer) and see if you can hear audio from YouTube or another website.

If you can hear audio from other apps or sources, then the problem is probably isolated to Hulu and could be an issue with your audio settings as discussed above.

If you have Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth headphones as your audio output for Hulu, make sure they’re working, too.

No Sound on Hulu: Here’s a Few More Things to Try…

Still no luck, none of the above options worked? That’s okay, there’s more that you can try, so here are some more things that have helped people fix their Hulu audio when it’s not working.

  • Try switching to a different browser
  • Try using a different audio output
  • Try using a different device
  • Try using a different TV
  • Try re-installing your Hulu app
  • Try updating your device’s software

Sometimes, Hulu itself will have a glitch and audio won’t work for anybody with certain shows, and in those cases, you kind of just have to wait for Hulu to fix it, or maybe try a different device/browser and hope it works. It’s unfortunate, but it’s been an issue that has popped up here and there for select handfuls of users.

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