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Real Simple Solutions does NOT:

  • Accept gifts, favors, or other forms of payment for disingenuous product reviews or recommendations. We rarely use affiliate links, and when we do, it’s always clearly disclosed and beneficial to the user as well.
  • Engage in search engine manipulation schemes.
  • Consider any collaborations that don’t benefit our audience.
  • Allow unmoderated user-generated content to appear on the site.


The majority of advertising on this site, at times all of it, consists of standard banner-ads from reputable advertising networks.

We encourage any concerned readers to adjust their cookie and browser settings accordingly if they wish to avoid ads that are targeted to your interests. We plan on creating a guide for this in the near future.

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Advertise With Us

With that said, we are always open to discussing interesting and mutually-beneficial collaborations. To be frank, the majority of potential advertisers who reach out to us on a daily basis are turned away because it would violate one or more of our guidelines, or simply isn’t beneficial to our audience.

If you’ve read this far and you’re still interested in working with us or sponsoring this site, please feel free to reach out via our contact page.

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