Samsung TV Keeps Turning On and Off? Here’s The FIX…

We’re here to help you get your Samsung TV working properly again. Most people who go through the steps outlined on this page will end up fixing their TV after one of the first few fixes.

There’s a difference between a TV that won’t turn on at all and a TV that keeps turning on and off. These are signs of different problems that we can diagnose with the TV through troubleshooting, even if there’s some overlap between the symptoms and methods of repair.

Today, we’re going to be helping you through the process of what to do when your Samsung TV keeps turning on and off, and we’re confident that you’ll have it fixed by the end of this page. If not, you’ll know what your next steps are. Suffice to say, you’re in the right place!

Even though TV’s have come down a lot in price over the years, it’s still a bad day when yours stops working. So, with that in mind, let’s see if we can’t get this figured out. If your Samsung TV keeps turning on and off, here’s what you need to try…

What To Do When Your Samsung TV Keeps Turning On and Off

We always like to start out with the easier fixes and the ones that take the least effort to try, because if that works, then you’re done and it was an easy fix. The less-likely fixes or the ones that are a bit more involved will come lower down on this list, but don’t give up if the first few fixes don’t work for you because you never know what’s going to work until you try it.

Try This First: Reset/Power Cycle Your Samsung TV When It Turns On and Off

Power Cycle Your Samsung TV

Resetting your Samsung TV, otherwise known as performing a power cycle, is a great way to troubleshoot and fix a lot of common problems you’ll encounter with your TV, so this is the perfect place to start.

What we’re going to do is simply discharge all of the power that’s stored in the TV, and disconnect it from any power sources. This time with no power stored in the TV can help clear things up when it’s glitchy. Here’s how to do that correctly…

  1. TURN OFF your Samsung TV.
  2. UNPLUG your Samsung TV from its power source.
  3. PRESS the power button on your TV or on the remote. You can press it a few times and hold it for a few moments. This helps to discharge any extra stored power.
  4. WAIT a few minutes, 5-10 should be plenty.
  5. POWER ON your television and see if it’s working correctly.

This acts as a soft reset for the internal system that helps your TV operate. Sometimes, there are issues that will arise and then they’ll pass once you’ve completed this process.

Check Your Power Sources

If your TV is turning on, then it’s getting power. However, if it’s randomly turning off, or turning off shortly after turning it on, then the power source might not be reliable enough and it’s possible it’s not sending consistent power to the TV, or the circuit is overloaded, or another issue. It could also be an issue inside the TV, where some of the electrical hardware isn’t handling the power correctly. In any case, let’s find out!

  1. UNPLUG your TV from the wall, and also UNPLUG the power cable from the back of your TV if it disconnects. Next, plug both of these cables back in to ensure a secure connection.
  2. Try CONNECTING your Samsung television to a different power outlet or source, for example running an extension cord and trying an outlet on the other side of the room or even in a different room.
  3. Try PLUGGING IN something else to the same outlet that the TV was plugged into, to make sure that the outlet is working correctly. You can also use a multimeter to make sure your wall outlet is working correctly. Plugging a different device into the wall helps troubleshoot the TV, but it’s possible that the outlet could work fine for something like an LED light, but not be passing enough power for a TV.

If you have another power cable, try testing your TV with that, just to rule out this simple fix. It’s often similar to the cable that connects a PC to a wall outlet, so you can borrow that if you have one, just for the purpose of troubleshooting.

Remove Peripherals and External Devices

If you have any external devices plugged into your TV, it’s possible that they are causing this issue. Did your Samsung TV start turning on and off after you added a new device, or have you not made any recent changes to your television/home theater setup?

  1. DISCONNECT any external devices such as your cable box, a satellite, a DVD or Blu-Ray player, a USB stick, a Roku device, and so on.
  2. REMOVE anything else that could potentially be drawing power from the TV. Simply put, disconnect all of the cables from the TV except the power cable, turn it on, and see if it’s still turning itself on and off.
  3. RE-CONNECT your devices one by one if the TV is working without anything plugged in. This can help you narrow down which device is causing the problems, or if it’s just a cumulative issue of having too many things connected in general.

It’s tough to say exactly what is going to fix glitches like the one when your Samsung TV keeps turning on and off, so we’re going to keep making our way down this list and hopefully, by the end, you’ll have your solution. If none of these fixes work, then we’ll make sure that you’re at least aware of what the next steps are – so, if you’re TV is still malfunctioning, stick with us a bit longer, we’ll try everything we can!

Check Your Remote Control

There could be a few different issues with your remote controls that are causing this. If one of your remotes is faulty, it’s possible that it could be turning the TV on and off.

  1. REMOVE the batteries from your remote control, and any additional remotes that can control your TV (for example your cable box remote, DVD remote, etc).
  2. TURN ON the TV and see if it’s still randomly turning on and off.

This one is easy enough to check. If the remote is malfunctioning and making your TV turn on and off, that should stop once the batteries are out of the remote. From there, you can try putting in a fresh set of batteries, but you may need a new remote control. A universal remote will do the job just fine, or you can reach out to Samsung to inquire about a replacement of the remote that came with your television.

Factory Reset Your Samsung TV When It Turns on and Off

This fix will require that your TV is staying on for more than a minute or two at a time. If your TV is turning on and off very quickly, you may not have time to make it through the prompts to do a factory reset. If you have some time in between when you turn it on and when your Samsung TV turns itself off, then you can try a factory reset.

  1. PRESS the HOME button on your Samsung TV remote, which will bring you into the MENU. If you don’t see a HOME button (sometimes, it is labelled with an icon of a house), look for MENU/SETTINGS.
  2. Find the SETTINGS option from the HOME menu. If it isn’t labelled with the word settings, look for a picture of a gear/a cog, a circle with ridges.
  3. From the SETTINGS menu, look for a menu called SUPPORT or SYSTEM MANAGER or something similar.
  4. From within that menu, look for an option called FACTORY RESET or just RESET.
  5. If your TV asks for a PIN, use the PIN that you have previously chosen. If you haven’t chosen a PIN, the defaults are usually “0000” or “1234” for Samsung TV’s so try that, otherwise consult your instruction booklet if neither of those work.
  6. Choose YES, OK, etc on the following screens to confirm that you want to perform a factory reset of your Samsung TV.
  7. WAIT a few minutes for the TV to do its thing, then test it out to see if the factory reset was enough to fix the issue of your Samsung TV turning on and off.

Note that you will lose any settings you’ve saved in the TV, your log-ins for any apps you’re using if you have a smart TV, and anything else that’s stored on the television.

We tried a soft reset/power cycle at the very beginning on this guide, but a factory reset can fix certain software issues that may have compounded throughout various updates and just due to usage of the TV. A factory reset gets you back to the state your TV was in when you first purchased it, so let’s try that next.

The exact process to factory reset a Samsung TV will vary from model to model, but generally speaking, it will be very similar to the steps below. If some of the buttons or menu items are labelled slightly differently, it shouldn’t be too difficult to infer which one you need to press. If you want instructions for your specific TV, please refer to your owner’s manual.

Update Your TV’s Firmware

Updating to the latest Samsung TV firmware is the most involved step that we’ve looked at thus far, which is why we saved it for last. Other things on this list are easier to try, and perhaps more likely to solve the problem in some cases, but if none of them have worked then you can always try updating your firmware. Don’t worry, it’s not as tough as it sounds, you’ll just need to follow along. Here’s what to do…

  1. CONNECT your television to the internet using a WiFi connection, or an ethernet cable plugged into the back.
  2. Go to the HOME menu on your TV and find the SETTINGS menu.
  3. Choose SUPPORT, SYSTEM, or something similar to access the next menu that we’ll need to navigate.
  4. LOCATE the section that shows information about your television, including the make and model and current firmware version.
  5. NAVIGATE back to the SETTINGS menu and look for an option called SYSTEM UPDATE or something related to FIRMWARE.
  6. Selecting the above option will trigger your Samsung television to CHECK FOR UPDATES.
  7. If a FIRMWARE UPDATE is available, your TV can automatically DOWNLOAD it for you and begin the installation process.
  8. WAIT for the TV to go through the update process, paying attention to any prompts that may appear and clicking OK or NEXT as needed.
  9. Your TV may RESTART itself automatically throughout this process, but don’t confuse that with it turning on and off in error (unless it does turn on and off in error, which can be a problem…)
  10. Once the update is COMPLETE, go back into the MENU and look for your current firmware version as we did in the first steps. Make sure it’s correctly displaying the latest firmware.

If you DON’T have a Smart TV with internet access, you can browse Samsung’s support website and search for your TV’s model number to see what the latest version of firmware is. You can download the firmware onto a USB drive, then plug the USB into your television and update it this way instead.

Reach Out to Samsung’s Support for a TV That Keeps Turning On and Off

Samsung have seen just about any issue you could possibly imagine when it comes to their televisions. With millions of Samsung TV’s sitting in homes all around the world, chances are your problem isn’t brand new.

When all else fails, if you haven’t been able to solve this issue with a reset, a factory reset, a firmware update, or anything else – then it’s time to reach out to Samsung to see what they can offer in terms of support.

They’ll probably recommend a lot of the things we’ve already tried at this point, but it’s not a bad idea to humor them and go through the process again if they want you to do that while they’re on the phone, just to rule things out.

If your TV is under warranty, they’ll be able to help you file a warranty claim if that’s necessary. If you’re out of warranty, they may still offer some advice and support.

Samsung TV Keeps Turning On and Off – FIXED!

samsung tv turning on and off

Hopefully, your problem is now fixed and your Samsung TV won’t be turning on and off anymore.

We’ve given you a handful of solutions that you can try, and most of them only take a few minutes so you should be able to troubleshoot your television in an afternoon or less.

If none of the above have worked, and even reaching out to Samsung themselves hasn’t yielded any positive results, it might be time to think about buying a new TV since something seems to be seriously wrong.

Before buying a new TV, you might want to have an electrician check out the wiring in your room so that you can fully rule that out as the cause of the problem. It would be unfortunate to buy a new TV, only to discover that it has the same problem of turning on and off, and that you could have kept using your Samsung TV for many years to come.

If nobody can successfully troubleshoot the issue with your Samsung TV, and an electrical gives your home’s wiring a clean bill of health, then your final option is to take your Samsung TV to a repair shop. They can open up your TV and help diagnose just about any problem you’re having. Whether or not this is worth the price will depend on the value and age of your Samsung TV, how close you are to upgrading, and how exactly what’s wrong with it.

Sometimes, it’s worth it to repair a broken Samsung TV but sometimes, especially if it’s an older TV or a very entry-level model, it makes more sense to just get a new one (We’d leave buying a new TV as a last-resort, since it can be wasteful if it’s possible to fix your old one. But if it’s $600 to fix your old TV or $700 to get a brand new one that’s bigger and newer, it’s tough to recommend a repair).

Anyways, if one less person is going to be stressed out when their Samsung TV keeps turning on and off, this article has been a success – but we’re here to help thousands of people – so hopefully you’re one of them!

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