[SOLVED] Sony TV Wifi Keeps turning On and Off?

Sony has been making fantastic television sets for decades. They’re one of the most highly regarded home entertainment brands…

But their reputation or laurels don’t really help you when you’re trying to use WiFi on your smart TV and it keeps disconnecting you.

Thankfully, this is usually a very easy problem to solve. I want to start by going over some of the easiest fixes to the most common causes of WiFi turning on and off on a Sony TV.

My goal is that the vast majority of people who visit this page will find the solution they need for this common tech issue with Sony TV Wifi that won’t stay connected.

6 Reasons Why Your Sony TV Wifi Keeps Turning On And Off

Sometimes, the WiFi on a Sony TV will disconnect and then connect again on its own. Other times, you will have to reset the TV before the Wifi works again. Either way, if your Sony TV’s Wifi is turning on and off, here’s what you can do to fix it today.

Reason 1: Your Sony TV Software is Out of Date

Here’s how to fix it: Update your Sony TV firmware by following these instructions from Sony.

sony tv wifi software

This is a very common issue because many TV owners don’t keep their TV software up to date. Most of the time, you won’t run into any major issues if your software is a bit outdated, but it’s still a good idea to keep on top of your updates if they aren’t happening automatically.

If you’ve missed an update or two, or if this isn’t something you’ve ever done before, it’s a wise idea to update your TV’s software/operating system. This will help address any random bugs that might be causing you issues with your WiFi.

Reason 2: You Have a Bad Wifi Signal

Here’s how to fix it: Get as direct of a signal as you can between your router and your TV, or use signal boosters along the way.

Your Wifi signal might be unreliable because it’s being obstructed by walls, ceilings, furniture, or just being too far away from your TV.

Wifi signals tend to travel decently well in most homes, but if your connection is a bit spotty then it’s totally expected that you’ll get a worse signal at times, which can be enough to hinder your TV’s signal and connection.

Sometimes, other electromagnetic devices like Bluetooth stuff, a microwave, smartphones, and other Wifi devices can cause interference too. If you suspect that’s happening, try moving some of the other devices away and seeing if the problem persists.

Reason 3: Check Your Sony TV Network Settings

Here’s how to fix it: Check with your internet provider, they should be able to help you verify the settings that you need to input into your TV.

The good news is that your router will usually handle things like assigning an IP address for your Sony TV so that it can easily connect once you’ve entered in your wifi settings into your TV.

However, it’s not always that easy, unfortunately. Network issues like cache, DNS, and IP addresses can be confusing, even for people who are familiar with tech, but if these settings are wrong then you may run into issues with your connection.

Reason 4: Your Connection Is Maxxed Out

Here’s how to fix it: Disconnect some of the additional devices from your Wifi network if you have a ton of them (less likely). Also, check how much bandwidth you’re using among your various devices (more likely to be the issue).

Wifi routers are seemingly magical devices, but they aren’t that magical. There are limits to how many simultaneous connections can be served from your router to the various devices in your home.

The device limit on a wireless router is usually a high number, but it could be set to allow fewer connections on your router. This isn’t very likely to be the problem but it could cause issues when a new device connects to your routers and boots another device off (for example, your TV).

More likely is that you have a lot of devices in the home that are using the wifi so that your TV can’t get a strong or consistent enough connection. For example, if you have someone in the house playing on a gaming PC or a workstation, someone else is watching advertisements on Hulu, someone else is downloading a large file, etc… It all adds up, and that can be straining the connection enough that your TV can’t maintain a stable connection.

Reason 5: You’re Trying To Connect To The Wrong Network

Here’s how to fix it: Double check the correct name of your wifi network and make sure that’s the one you’re trying to connect to via your TV.

This is one of those things that seems like it should be obvious in hindsight, but if you’ve made it this far and nothing has worked yet, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that your TV is connecting to the correct wifi account.

Sometimes, a home will have multiple wifi networks, and one of them might get a better signal than another one for a variety of reasons, including which bands its using.

Make sure that your TV settings are programmed with the correct wireless network in your home. If you have multiple wireless routers or network connection points, try to use the one that’s closest to the TV.

Other Reasons Your Sony TV Wifi Keeps Turning On and Off

If you’ve gone over everything on this list and nothing has worked, then I want to apologize that we weren’t able to find a solution for you. I’m always working to expand these lists and add more possibilities, but there’s only so many things I can test and curate.

If you found a solution for when Sony TV wifi keeps turning on and off, please let me know so I can look into it and update this page with the latest information to help thousands of other Sony TV owners all around the world.

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