How to Connect Xbox One to PC with HDMI [EASY GUIDE FOR ALL]

One of the great things about HDMI is how universal it can be (save for the fact that there are different versions like HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc – but aside from that).

For example, you can use HDMI to connect your Xbox One to a home theater system, to a computer monitor, to a television, or even to your PC if you have the correct type of HDMI port (An HDMI input port).

This is for people who want to output their PC’s video and audio signals through their Xbox One as a pass-through, which allows you to use your Xbox One as a way to view your PC’s content on your TV screen. It typically doesn’t work the other way around, since the Xbox One has an HDMI IN port that can receive the PC’s signal, but typically a PC will not have an HDMI in.

Important: If you just want to play your Xbox One on your PC’s monitor, the best way is to just plug it directly into the monitor. If your monitor has a headphone output, you can still hear your game sounds that way without having to connect your headphones into the Xbox. Many PC’s do not have the necessary HDMI IN port to connect into the PC tower itself, so connecting to the monitor is your best bet in most cases.

Today, we’re going to be going over the process of how to connect Xbox One to PC with HDMI because it’s not always as simple as plug and play. We’ll go over the basics, and then we’ll tackle some of the obstacles that pop up every now and then so that you’re equipped to tackle them effortlessly.

With that out of the way, here’s what you’ll need in order to connect Xbox One to PC with HDMI:

  • A PC that has an HDMI input*.
  • An Xbox One.
  • An HDMI cable.
  • Windows installed on the PC.

*Many PC’s won’t have an HDMI input port, so this gets kind of tricky. In those cases, you’re better off just plugging the Xbox One into your computer monitor if that’s your goal. If you’re planning to view your PC desktop on the same TV that your Xbox One is connected to, however, proceed – you’re in the right place!

How To Connect Xbox One to PC With HDMI

Here's how to connect Xbox One to PC with HDMI

Here’s a quick guide that will explain how to use your Xbox One as an HDMI breakthrough, which means that you can connect your PC to your Xbox One with HDMI and then see your PC displayed on the same TV/monitor that your Xbox One is hooked up to. This can come in handy in various use-cases, especially for home theater configurations.

  1. The first step is to CONNECT an HDMI cable from your Xbox One’s HDMI INPUT power to your PC’s HDMI OUTPUT port. (If your PC has HDMI in, you can run the cable from the Xbox One’s HDMI OUTPUT into your PC’s HDMI INPUT, but this is more rare, as explained above).
  2. NAVIGATE to your Xbox One SETTINGS menu and choose TV & ONEGUIDE.
  3. Select AUDIO AND VIDEO and highlight the HDMI option. It will probably say NOT CONNECTED.
  4. SELECT HDMI, and you should see your PC desktop displayed in a window on the screen.
  5. Go to your XBOX ONEGUIDE if you’re also using cable/satellite in order to configure this.

Now, your PC is connected to your Xbox One via HDMI. You can view your PC screen on your television, while also being able to access your cable TV shows, Netflix, and other apps and services from the Xbox One. This turns the Xbox One into the heart of your home theater and entertainment center, giving you access to games, movies, live cable TV shows, streaming services, along with anything else you can do on your computer.

Heads Up Regarding Connecting Xbox One to Laptops With HDMI

Here’s a quick heads up if you’re using a laptop that has an HDMI port.

Your laptop most likely has an HDMI OUT port, meaning it’s an output port that outputs the HDMI signal and it cannot function as an input. So, plugging your Xbox into your laptop with HDMI may not allow you to use your laptop as a screen. There are some potential workarounds for this, and it’s possible your laptop does have an HDMI in, otherwise you may need to look at getting an external capture card to get the input you need.

Summary of Connecting PC to Xbox One With HDMI

The HDMI pass through feature of Xbox One is intended to allow you to integrate your PC to the rest of your entertainment center and home theater. This is made possible due to the Xbox One’s HDMI input and output ports, which are labelled separately.

Some people intend to connect their PC and Xbox One for the purpose of playing Xbox One games on their PC, but this isn’t really the way to go about that. There are some game streaming services and other options by Microsoft which can help with this, because most computers don’t have an HDMI IN port, since it’s just not something people need to do very often unless they’re capturing video to record game play or stream, and in that case, you just need a capture card for your PC and you’re all set.

If connecting your Xbox One to your PC for the purpose of seeing your PC displayed on your home theater via your Xbox One, then I hope this guide has been helpful for you because there’s really not much to it. You can connect Xbox One to PC with HDMI by simply plugging in the cable and visiting your settings menu on your Xbox One.

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